Accident Recovery - When In Need, Call Capstone Towing Today

When you are on the road there are chances of getting involved in an accident. Although it is good to drive safely, there is no harm in driving with enough preparedness of such unforeseen occurrences. In the Philadelphia region, there are many contributing aspects from bad weather to distracted drivers. Considering quality towing services will ensure both you and your vehicle remains safe.

The good thing is that accident recovery is not limited only to vehicle crashes. If you get trapped in the mud, missed a bend or even slipped down a ditch, you certainly need to be pulled. Of course, the lives of the users are the most valuable load any car can carry.

After an accident occurs, the technicians make sure that the car is handled in the safest way possible. Perhaps it can be placed into a truck using powerful equipment.

Then it is pulled out from the drains to one side of the main road or even to where the customer wants.

Recovery vehicles are equipped with heavy-duty machines to safely lift any car involved in an accident. The autos mostly serviced include cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, tractor units, buses, and coaches.

If you’ve been involved in an accident and need a profession towing service to assistance, give Capstone Towing a call at (267) 365-7210 and one of our knowledgeable Philadelphia-based towing service reps will gladly help to get you the answers you need.

Here’s some reasons you may want to consider us on your accident service call:

  • Be sure to find reasonable price estimates in town
  • Get high-quality services from our trustable and safety-focused professionals
  • Emergency services all through the clock
  • 24 hours of customer service assistance
  • Our technicians have the experience to respond promptly throughout Philadelphia
  • We work our best to ensure you receive prompt recovery