Car Jump Start Service – Call For A Quick Start for a Dead Battery

Most drivers believe that car engines start at the moment the ignition key is turned. But this is not always the case and if not appropriately checked road trips end up being interrupted and ruined. This dreaded instance is worse if it occurs in the middle of nowhere. Avoid such messes DIY car jumpstart services would a little tricky.

Before you start working, ensure you are familiar with the potential dangers. From dealing with a damaged battery, engine to having detached cables, or even worse, ignition sparks from fluids. This problem may turn out to be more dangerous if you do not have the proper experience.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, this can be fixed. Here are some basics that must be kept in mind. The booster cables need to be appropriately connected, positive wires are connected to the right terminals, among others.

Unless you have enough confidence to handle this risky job, it is worth calling an experienced towing or roadside assistance business to do the job, like Capstone Towing Company in Philadelphia, PA.

Since 2006 Capstone Towing has been service Philly with first-rate service that's timely, affordable, and worthy of repeat business, like so many of our previous customers are.

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  • Equipment and experience to troubleshoot battery and electrical issues
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  • Equipment and experience to troubleshoot battery and electrical issues