Flatbed Tow Truck Service

Flatbed Tow Truck – Towing Services Done Right!

Transporting a car or truck safely from one place to another may seem like a simple task, but take it from they guys that have been doing in since 2006, it’s not as easy as it looks!

And for the best value and quality of service, flatbed tow trucks are the most preferred method used. It involves equipping a trailer or truck with a flatbed on the rear part. Thanks to the ample space available many vehicles can be efficiently hauled at once.

The design of the truck allows it to roll backward at an angle. This design effortlessly enables the vehicle to drive right onto space on the bed or sometimes it gets winched. It is entirely lifted from the ground to prevent further damage that might occur during the process. Once the car is loaded, the flatbed lowers back to the resting position. Then the vehicle gets secured in readiness for towing to the desired destination.

Well, this ability to raise the vehicle entirely from the ground to the bed is handy. The trucks are also best for use in circumstances where alternative ways of towing cannot be used. The main reason being the current condition of the damaged vehicle or the fragile appearance of the model. The tows suits use in exotic, classic, motorcycles, or all-wheel drive vehicles.

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