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refill car with fuel and cash money showing how expensive fuel is today

refill car with fuel and cash money showing how expensive fuel is today

So how much did you pay to get your car filled up with gas this week? It’s crazy right. Gas prices are still up across the US and that doesn’t exempt us here in Philadelphia. Compared to last year’s prices, we are paying about a dollar more per gallon.

If you are looking for a way to save on gas money, it might be better if you walk, especially if you’re just going somewhere nearby. That will also give you some exercise. However, that’s not always the case, chances are you still need to use your car. What if you’re late for work or if you need to travel long distances?

For times when you really need to use your car, all you can do is to use the fuel efficiently. Here are a few ways on how to improve your car’s mpg.

Remove Items You Don’t Really Need

Take a look at what you always bring with you inside your car. Emergency kits should always be there but there are other extra things that you don’t really need and use. If you keep some books, sports equipment or backpacks, those can add weight and increase your fuel consumption.

Apart from what’s inside your car, you should also check what’s attached to your car such as roof racks or bike racks. If you don’t really need to use them often, it would be better to remove them.

Idling Increases Fuel Consumption

Take note of how much idling you do. Nowadays, many vehicles have a feature called the stop-start system. This helps lessen fuel consumption by automatically shutting off the engine when it stops. The engine will then automatically start when you release the brake.

Idling uses more fuel as compared to starting the car. If you are going to stop and wait for someone, it would be best to turn off your engine.

Drive At Steady Speeds

When driving your car, it is best to keep your speed around 45-50 mph. The faster you go, the more you lose fuel efficiency. You should also use cruise control and avoid hard braking or rapid acceleration.

Optimal Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is an important factor in making sure your car is as fuel-efficient as it could. Underinflated tires do not only increase fuel consumption but they could also make your tires worn out faster. Make sure your tires are in the best condition and don’t ever drive them when they are flat. To know the optimal pressure for your vehicle, check the owner’s manual.

Don’t Skip On Maintenance

Maintenance can cost you money but skipping them could cost you more because of their effects. When your car is properly maintained, it works more efficiently. Some of the things you should not skip doing include tire rotations, air filter replacement, oil change, and many others.

In case you totally run out of fuel because you forgot to refuel or you miscalculated the amount of fuel that you still have, Capstone Towing Company can come to the rescue. The fuel delivery service can get your car going again in case you run out of fuel anywhere in the Philadelphia, PA…

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