Flat Tire Service

Mobile Flat Tire Service – Versatile Fleet And Equipment At Your Service

Changing flat tires seems to be an easy task. For that reason, some drivers opt to do it alone, while others find it stressful and potentially dangerous. While we here at Capstone Towing can do it in our sleep, there are many factors that can make such a simple process difficult for the average driver. As the very minimum, it is necessary to have the required skills and equipment to implement this activity safely and adequately.

It happens that sometimes people rush, especially when running late thus forgetting the vital safety steps. Leaving a nut loose or wrongly tightening it will undoubtedly lead to costly repairs. And with time, some car parts might get damaged and end up causing accidents.

Sometimes if your location is a distance away from approaching traffic, then things maybe not bad. It is even worse when repairing in the middle of a busy highway or freeway. Many drivers often speed, quickly make passes, and also drive carelessly. Such conditions are extremely unsafe for you to try changing a flat tire. When a passing driver makes a simple mistake it endangers your life. This is why it is necessary to take every caution and call for professionals.

For flat tires in Philadelphia, Capstone Towing is that company. Not only do we have the 15+ years of experience in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, we also have the tools and equipment to be able to quickly fix your flat or replace your tire so you can promptly be on your way.

Here’s why Capstone is unique:

Benefits of choosing Capstone Towing for your flat tire service

  • Our customers will always receive an affordable quote
  • Our experienced staff is friendly, responsive and positively reviewed
  • We provide a range of tow truck services to choose from
  • The customer support team is available 24 hours both day and night
  • Despite the model of the car, we will deliver the fuel needed
  • Fully licensed and bonded to work in Pennsylvania